President Rodrigo Duterte took time to visit some of the wounded soldiers in clashes with the Abu Sayyaf  in Zamboanga Peninsula .

The Philippine president walked between patients’ beds in one of the hospital’s rooms.  Some of them could not resist whipping out their own smartphones to take photos of their unexpected visitor.

Duterte made it clear he wanted to honor every selfie request of these patients. The 16 soldiers in the room were recuperating from injuries sustained in encounters in Sulu and Basilan – known bastions of the Abu Sayyaf.

Duterte talked to each of the patients and even sat on some of their beds for a more intimate chat. Each bedside conversation usually ended with a shake of hands, a salute from Duterte, and the handing of a brown envelope to the recovering soldier.

After the hospital visit, Duterte flew to his hometown, Davao City.

Watch the video below: