It was a big mistake in advising to use vegetable oils for cooking. Cooking with olive oil, butter or the best coconut oil is way better than with vegetable oil, proved by some studies.

Martin Grootveld (leader of experiments), said that a meal of fish and chips that fried in vegetable oil are containing 200 times and more toxic aldehydes comparing to normal – safe daily limit.

Cooking with vegetable oil releases some risky chemicals that lead to cancer and other diseases. Scientists found out that vegetable oils are releasing high concentration of aldehydes- chemicals that can cause life-threatening diseases such as cancer, heart diseases and dementia.

Cooking with olive oil, butter produces lower levels of aldehydes and the best one, coconut oil it produces the lowest levels of dangerous chemicals that gives you the best results.

Professor Stein is Oxford’s emeritus professor of neuroscience. He claims that human brain is changing due to corn and sunflower oils.

Many people perceive that vegetable oils are healthy because they have the word “vegetable” in them, but many studies have now demonstrated that vegetable oils can cause serious harm.

Here’s the reasons why we should stop using vegetable oils:

(According to Kris Gunnars)

  • Vegetable Oils are Very “Unnatural” in Large Amounts.
  • Vegetable Oils Mess up The Fatty Acid Composition of The Body’s Cells.
  • Vegetable Oils Contribute to Inflammation.
  • Vegetable Oils Are Loaded With Trans Fats.
  • Vegetable Oils Can Dramatically Raise Your Risk of Cardiovascular Disease.
  • Vegetable Oil Consumption is Associated with Various Other Diseases.

To protect yourself from dangerous diseases don’t eat processed foods because all packaged fried foods in the supermarket are cooked with vegetable oils and we don’t know the process behind it. You should consider avoiding vegetable oils if you really want to be healthy and to lower the risk of serious diseases.

Boil or bake are better and it’s fresh, you will notice better taste than cooked with vegetable oil.