Forbes Magazine based in NEW YORK said this Monday – Taylor Swift, age of 26 is the world’s highest-paid celebrity, pulling in a whopping $170 million over the past year. She take from June 2015 to June 2016 is the highest total of her young career, more than doubling her previous record of $80 million last year.


The boy band One Direction ($110 million) is coming in at number two on the list this year followed by author James Patterson ($95 million). The magazine said, that Swift’s huge earnings were largely thanks to her “1989 World Tour” during which she smashed the Rolling Stone’s North American record, grossing $200 million on the continent en route to a quarter of a billion worldwide.

According to Forbes magazine’s annual list of 100 highest-paid celebrities, she outpaced rival Katy Perry who was last year’s top-earning musician at $135 million. Katy Perry dropped to number 63 on this year’s list, earning almost $41 million. She out-earned also other famous musicians including Adele ($80.5 million), Madonna ($76.5 million), Rihanna ($75 million) and Bruce Springsteen ($60.5 million).

While Taylor Swift’s former beau, musician Calvin Harris, also made the cut coming in at number 21 ($63 million). On the Hollywood front, Jennifer Lawrence was the industry’s highest-paid actress for the second consecutive year, earning $46 million, a slight drop from the $52 million “The Hunger Games” star banked the year before.

Actor Dwayne Johnson wrestled the highest-paid actor spot from “Iron Man’s” Robert Downey Jr., earning $64.5 million, largely thanks to the billion-dollar “Fast and Furious” franchise and the surprising success of 2015’s “San Andreas” movie. Many athletes also made the list, including Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo ($88 million), tennis man Roger Federer ($68 million), and German race car driver Sebastian Vettel ($41 million). —Agence France-Presse.

“The world’s 100 highest-paid celebrities pulled in $5.1 billion pretax over the past 12 months, more than the GDP of Belize, Gambia and Bhutan combined,” Forbes said. Magazine editor Zack O’Malley Greenberg said live entertainment continues to be a major cash draw.