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WATCH: Flight attendant scalded with hot water and noodles by passengers who claimed to have bomb!

These photographs taken by shocked travellers aboard a Thai AirAsia flight reveal the dramatic moment a female flight attendant was scalded with hot water by an unruly passenger.



Midair Drama: The incident happened on an AirAsia flight going from Thailand to China

The female passenger, from China, attacked the flight attendant with a cup of noodles in a violent row that began when she found out that she wouldn’t be sitting next to her boyfriend on a charter flight from Bangkok to Nanjing, China.


Passengers pulled out their smartphones as the mid-air drama unfolded in front of them, snapping pictures as the injured flight attendant covered her face and shouted in pain.



She was reportedly given first aid on board by her colleagues to deal with the burns and was taken to hospital after the Thai Air Asia flight turned around and landed back in the Thai capital.


Scalding Hot: A flight attendant was reportedly treated for burns after being hit with hot water and noodles

The trouble started when the couple boarded the plane and found themselves seated separately on the charter flight from Bangkok to the Chinese city of Nanjing.

And even though the seating was rearranged to put the couple together, they were still angry and refused to calm down.

One of the unruly pair even claimed to have a BOMB, which was the last straw for the pilot who then turned the plane around.

Watch the video below:

Source: dailymail mirror

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