Cast member Kim Eui Sung has been receiving rave reviews for his role in the hit zombie movie Train to Busan.

Eui Sung has become one of the most unforgettable characters inTrain to Busan’s cast because he starred as the selfish transportation executive named Yong Suk.

The movie follows the story of passengers who struggle to survive on a train from Seoul to Busan in the middle of a zombie-virus outbreak.

Although hated by those who have seen the film, he is a great actor born in 1965, and graduated from Seoul National University in 1988, following which he landed his first part in JANG Sun-woo’s classic The Age of Success. Mostly he was active on stage, though he also appeared in some TV shows. He found himself back on the big screen in 1995 but most fortunate was his casting in HONG Sangsoo’s debut The Day a Pig Fell into a Well.


It would not be his last. In the year 2000 he put his acting career on hold and went to work for management company Willstar Entertainment, from which he would only return in 2011. Very active since then, he has appeared in other HONG films. While also successfully navigating a career in commercial cinema, he appeared in a variety of diverse genre films in memorable roles.  His next role was as a company many in the mystery murder thriller.

Source: thebitbag