Herbert Colangco, who is believed to be in his late 30s, was picked up by one of the Philippines’ big music labels, Ivory Music and Video, and his first album, released 2014,  was a chart success.

Colangco entered Bilibid in 2009 after a near decade-long reign as the leader of a  group  associated with several bank robberies in Metro Manila and nearby areas, was stricken off the most wanted list of the Philippine National Police (PNP) in 2009.  Colanggo has been serving his 12- to 14-year prison sentence since then. He had been arrested on robbery charges before that, but he had managed to post bail.

With lots of time on his hands, Colanggo decided to pursue his long-held ambition of becoming a music star, and rebranded himself “Herbert C”.

Colangco has a YouTube channel where everyone can view his the four-minute video of “Pa’no ‘Yon,” the carrier single of his Ivory Records-produced album Kinabukasan, along with other videos of his musical exploits. Aside from producing album he also having a concert in Bilibid.

It goes without saying that Colanggo has been living a “glamorous” prison life.

Watched the video below:

Source: manila.coconuts.co