From Enemies to Lovers from Lovers to Enemies?

We’ve been witness the journey of ┬áMelaSon, Melai Cantiveros and Jason Francisco from Enemies, to friends, and to being a Lovers inside the Pinoy Big Brother’s. And we have all been stricken with so much joy whe we found out that were getting married and finally sealed it on December 09, 2013. And we’ve been elated when Baby Mela came into this world as a fruit of their Love.

But recently the couple rumored to be on the rocks, aand finally last April Jason confirmed their official separation in a series of post in Baby Mela’s Intagram account.

But this Tuesday, Jason shared where their misunderstandings rooted. It started when Melai signed in the series “We will Survive” which recently ended last July 15.

Watch the video below:

Source: TNP