This is probably the oldest mummy, a mummified girl found to be around fifteen years old and she called “La Doncella” which translates to “The Maiden”.
And La Doncella was believed she is an aclla, or Sun Virgin.

And according to history this girl was chosen and sanctified as a to a toddler to live with other girls and women who would become royal wives, priestesses, and sacrifices. The practice of ritual sacrifice in the Inca society was to ensure health, rich harvests and preferable weather.

She wore a dress with her hair perfectly braided for her sacrifice,
La Doncella had been drugged by coca leaves and a maize beer known as chicha, dying in her sleep, a fate also shared by the other mummies
And upon examination by the expert they found that the lungs of this mummy has a bacterial infection

The mummy remain on display at the Museum of High Altitude Archaeology in Argentina.

Expert found out on their findings that the people from Siberia were isolated for around 2400-9000 years in what is now the Bering Land Bridge region before entering North America 16,000 years ago.

They traveled down the Pacific coastline, with some reaching southern Chile 14,600 years ago.

Source : natgeotv, wikipedia, discovery