Most of the time, the somber atmosphere of  the rainy season dampens not just your clothes, but also your mood. Shake off that feeling by having a bowl of Pinoy comfort food listed below:

Nothing beats champorado when the weather gets cold. This chocolate rice porridge is made of glutinous rice mixed with milk and instant cocoa powder or native tablea (pure cocoa blocks). It’s a popular breakfast and meriyenda fare best enjoyed with dried fish.

Best known for its sour base of tamarind, the preparation of this Filipino soup dish varies per region. It often incorporates any of the following meats: fish pork, shrimp or beef cooked with vegetables like kangkong, okra, tomatoes and radish among others. You’ll be enjoying sipping its balance of salty, sour and spicy while listening to the pitter-patter of rain on your roof.

A creamy and hearty soup ideal not just for the cold weather but also for giving relief to common tag-ulan sicknesses such as cough, colds and fever, sopas is made of elbow macaroni, milk, shredded veggies and chicken bits.

Bulalo is a tender beef shank soup with the marrow still inside the bone. A very flavorful and rich dish, it is a certified favorite during the rainy season. However, take care in consuming bulalo as it is high in cholesterol and calories.

The name arroz caldo is Spanish in origin, which literally means “rice broth”, but the dish actually originated from the Chinese. This rice porridge often served to keep the stomach warm. Because it’s easily digested, it is also served to those feeling under the weather.

Whereas arroz caldo uses chicken, goto uses tripe, beef and internal organs. Meanwhile, lugaw is simply plain rice congee. You will certainly like these warm dishes on a rainy day—or night!

Always binge on nutritional food and be hygienic by taking necessary precautionary measures like cleaning your house and washing hands before and after having a meal. Have a safe and healthy monsoon!