Old habits can be hard to break, but they may be breaking your weight-loss efforts. Nobody’s perfect. The real issue is what we do habitually. These simple behaviors can add up, and take our waste lines in the wrong track. That little changes can make a big difference is great news. We’ve come up with 10 ways that extra weight can creep up on us if we are not mindful. Just do one or two of these ideas each day and you will notice great and amazing improvement.

1. Skipping breakfast.

Two things happen when you skip breakfast. 1. Your hunger goes up; 2. Your metabolic rate – how fast your body turns food into energy – goes down. So when you do eat, you overcompensate for the skipped breakfast, and your body is diverting those extra calories into fat.  Best breakfast choices: whole-grain cereal with fresh fruit.

2. You are the Roadrunner of meals.


Eating quickly, short-circuits the lines of communication from your stomach to your brain. You may have eaten enough, but it takes about 20 minutes for your stomach to send that signal to your brain. By scarfing down your meal, you run the risk of overeating.
3. You have abnormal sleep habits.


Sleep loss makes you feel hungry even if you are full, because sleep loss affects the secretion of cortisol, a hormone that regulates appetite, studies show. Also, sleep loss increases fat storage in your body.

4. Drinking without thinking.


“Save your liquid calories for when you really want them,” – Zelman. Beer, alcohol, wine, soft drinks — they all go down easy. But the calories can really add up.
5.You are stressed out.


A chronically stressed-out person will have trouble sleeping, get sick more often, and gain weight. So make a plan for attaining a lifestyle in which you have a strong support network.

6. Getting grabby.


When you are outside and hungry gets in the tendency is to grab what’s convenient — and too often, junk food wins. Better bets: a homemade sandwich, a few carrots, fresh fruit, a smoothie, or trail mix. Have healthy snacks at your fingertips.

7. Your dishes are huge.


Get smaller dishes. Bigger plates mean bigger portions.

8. You are vitamin D deficient.


Having vitamin D level that is too low puts you at risk for cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, and depression. You can easily have your vitamin D checked with a blood test, and over-the-counter or prescription, supplements are widely available.

9. You ignore your scale.


Measure your weight loss progress. These measurements will strengthen your resolve and remind you every day of your goals.

10. You ignore your body.


What can get lost is the messages coming from your body, and neglecting them is a mistake. Give yourself time to rest and digest. You’ll become a more positive presence, and someone who takes care of herself radiates beauty.

Everybody can starts somewhere. You now have a well-equipped weight-loss collection.